The Noun Project

by Adrienne Ford

What? Free, beautiful icons whenever you want them???

Yes, this is real! Saving the world thousands of dollars in vector art, as well enhancing the world’s visual language one silhouette at a time, The Noun Project is a collaborative effort to give free, fun, simple, and high quality icons to anybody who wants them. COOL!

Who is Jason Chavannes?

by Adrienne Ford

 Name: Jason Adrian Chavannes

Age: 23

Hometown: Newbury Park, CA

Job at Saputo Design: Resident HTML Guru

Favorite Movie: Donnie Darko

If he was a superhero, his powers would be: Umm…flying?

Favorite Drink: Chocolate milkshake

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Place to go in Westlake: Carl’s Junior…haha, no. Well, maybe…

How’d he become a web designer? It just started as a hobby. Then everyone started needing one, and so I got a lot of experience and eventually became pretty good at it.

Favorite Part of working at Saputo Design: Oliver!

Georgia’s Valentine’s Day Illustrations

by Adrienne Ford

Our resident artist/illustrator, Georgia Lange, continues to amaze us with her talents.

Look at what she came up with for Valentine’s Day!

Daniel Hennessy

by Adrienne Ford

We recently worked with the talented Daniel Hennessy on some photo shoots for Amgen.

Check out some of his amazing work:

Art School Field Trip to the LA Art Show

by Adrienne Ford

Yesterday, Tom went to the annual LA Art Show, a huge showing of hundreds of different artists’ work from all over the Los Angeles area.

Not only did Tom get to see some great stuff, he picked up some wisdom along the way:

1. If you have really good art you get to be interviewed by women in really short skirts:

2. Art is, above all, subjective.


3. The more adjectives you have in your descriptions, the more people will like your art:

4. It’s fun to go to art shows!