The Little Smartphone That Could


This is absolutely amazing.  This video is currently the world’s largest stop motion animation – and it’s shot entirely with a Nokia N8 phone!  According to an article by Fast Company, the guys at Nokia strapped the phone to a 40-meter high cherry picker on a massive expanse of beach to show the different capabilities of their smartphone and its ability to withstand a challenge.  And the best part is, the video actually turned out really well!  Take a look here.

Thai Info-Graphic Animation Becomes a Social Media Sensation

by Tom Saputo

In the face of a disaster, Thailand is flooded with water and the population is flooded with information.  A group of young creatives and mass communication professionals saw a need for a better way to present correct, concise and relevant information to the masses. Roo Su Flood (directly translated to “know” “Fight” “flood” was born.

Roo Su Flood main function is to collect information, questions, common misunderstandings, to find the answers and verify information from creditable sources and then present them in a creative way. Volunteers wrote the script, created  storyboards, illustrated, animated and narrated the Info-graphic Animation. Within days, the videos became a social media sensation with over 800,000 viewers on Youtube and 86,278 fans on Facebook.

Here are two of five videos that were created. (All in Thai with English sub-title)

Roo Su Flood Ep1: “Learn about the flood”, An overview of the flood situation in Thailand, cause and effect as well how to digest information that is presented in the media and decrease panic.

Roo Su Flood Ep2: “Frequently asked Questions”, Will my house flood? How high? and how long? How to estimate the effect of the flood on your own and how to prepare for the flood, if your house is in a high risk area.


Alphabet Video

by Jennifer Phillipson

Take a look at this video by some very clever Italians: Alessandro Novelli, Andrea Gendusa, Mario Arcadu, and Guillia Novelli.  It seamlessly mixes typography with beautiful filmmaking to achieve a fun and interesting result, where each letter is visually represented by the word with which each letter starts.  Very entertaining stuff!